Birth Doula Support

If you don't know your birthing options, you don't have any.

As well-meaning as even the best care providers may be, the reality is they have too many patients to truly go over every option with you in-depth. Time is money and most pregnancy providers take about 15-20 minutes with you at each appointment. That's where I come in to bridge the gap through doula services.

As your doula, I will present you with all of your options, the pros and cons of each side, evidence and research, then support you endlessly as your plans evolve and come to fruition. Having true informed consent is the key to an empowered, magical birthing experience. Your delivery is an incredibly transformative journey. Dream big for your birth, and I'm here to do everything in my power to bring those dreams to fruition.

Free this week? Let's get in touch to dig deep and navigate this incredible journey together!



As an established doula, I am experienced at attending births and supporting mothers at all locations on O'ahu. When you have me join your birth team, you will feel confident knowing you and your partner have unwavering support every step of the way, understanding your every wish and need as your birthing journey approaches.

During your pregnancy, we will meet for one-on-one prenatal sessions tailored to your preferences. These focus on unleashing your intuition, and guiding you forward with superb clarity toward a luxuriate, blissful birth experience.

These conscious birthing planning sessions can also be reserved as a stand-alone service for those that prefer only prenatal support. As a committed birth and postpartum professional, I am honored to support you and your family during this most transformative time.


labor + birth

Regardless of how your baby enters the world and how your birth plans may evolve over time, you deserve to be treated as an individual and respected in the choices you make. It is of utmost importance to me that your needs are tended to with gentleness, understanding, and expertise. As you begin the journey to meet your baby, I will be there to doula you through by keeping you grounded, offering insight, and nurturing the connection between you and your partner.

Hands-on counterpressure, rebozo sifting for optimal fetal positioning, deep relaxation, and massage are just a few of the many comfort techniques I use, and can teach your partner so they can better support you. Aromatherapy, salt lamps, birthing books, a TENS machine, and more are all made available to you throughout our time together.

To ensure the highest quality of care, I take a limited number of doula contracts per month. Be sure to book in for your birth as soon as possible, because my calendar fills quickly!



Our journey doesn't end at the birth! In the initial weeks postpartum, I make myself available to you for any questions you may have, and work to make sure you feel supported and loved through this vulnerable transition. Birth debriefing, gentle breastfeeding guidance, and sibling support are all included in your doula support package.

You'll be met with compassionate expertise as we reminisce on your birth and work through the emotions surrounding it. There are often gaps where time had lost all meaning, and I offer to fill in where I can.

I also take this time to ensure you haven’t forgotten to take care of you. Are you eating? Showering? Maybe still figuring it out? During our meeting I’m more than happy to nestle baby while you take a few minutes of self care.

Ready to be pampered and loved from pregnancy through postpartum? Let’s work together to ensure you have a blissful journey into motherhood.

Placenta Encapsulation Services

placenta print

Everything was done

so beautifully...

It was beyond my expectations. -J. Demko

Seeking professional and reputable placenta encapsulation services? I offer stand alone placenta packages, or as an add-on to any birth package for a special discounted rate. With hundreds of placentas processed, and continuous Blood Borne Pathogens training, you can rest assured that your placenta will be handled with love, respect, and strict care to ensure premiere results.

Consuming your placenta is known to carry dozens of incredible benefits, and while we await the studies to prove it, anecdotally women rave that it can:

  • Greatly reduce postpartum bleeding

  • Assist your uterus in returning to its pre-pregnancy size sooner

  • Combat fatigue

  • Enriches your breastmilk and helps build an abundant supply

  • Increase your iron levels

  • Ease the postpartum hormonal “crash”

  • Prevent or reduce postpartum depression naturally and safely

  • Ease the symptoms of PMS when your cycles return

  • AND is perfectly aligned with your hormonal and physical postpartum needs.

Your placenta is that sweet little bridge between you and your baby. It nourishes your baby in just the right way, and is capable of doing the exact same thing for you! Placentas are rich in iron, B6, oxytocin, and countless other vitamins, minerals, and hormones that are depleted after pregnancy and birth.