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“Hiring our doula was 


hands-down the best decision we made our 







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A moment in time

The journey of bringing your child earth-side is one that can never be re-lived, and yet time so often loses all meaning as you navigate your birth. Capturing these most precious, emotional moments will allow you to piece together portions that may be foggy and relive your baby’s birth time and time again. As an experienced doula, I am extremely familiar with the twists and turns births so often follow, and with that expertise, I capture each sacred moment discreetly while honoring your wishes and holding space for you to birth your way. 

Look back on Your strength and vulnerability in these most Sacred first moments

SOak in every detail all over again through your birth images


 Whether a home birth or hospital birth, I attend births at any location on Oahu, and your birth story will consist of dozens of artistically finished photographs, as well as a slideshow video of your birth story. To bare witness to your strength from the outside looking in, and add a birth photographer to your birth team, click here.