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Professional, compassionate, personalized support...

Birth is a transformative, sensual journey, driving us deep into our souls until we emerge from our chrysalis into our new role... mother. Navigating the territory of birth can be daunting as you are beginning your journey, whether it be your first or eighth child, due to the overwhelming fluidity of current recommendations.

As your doula, I work alongside you every step of the way, assisting in navigating the latest research, encouraging you to follow your intuition, and holding space for you to birth how YOU need to, while supporting you in your choices. 

As a committed birth and postpartum professional, I am honored to provide unwavering support to you and your family during this precious time. Whether it's a cool cloth to wipe your brow as you tread the rushes in your birth pool at home, or a whispered affirmation to ease the nerves in the operating room for a belly birth, as your doula, seeing you protected and at peace is my sole priority. 

You won’t find a more genuine, compassionate, loving woman to assist you with your birth.
— Coral W.

Capturing your raw strength and beauty...


Birth photography paints the memories of your unique journey into something tangible for you to cherish for decades to come. The incredibly emotional final hours before your baby is born set the scene for the transformative moment of your birth. Incorporating my birth photography services into your birth plan ensures your partner can fully dedicate themselves to being by your side to support you, and capture the connection you share with the loved ones present. 

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Loving the energy and my supply absolutely boosted yesterday after two days of taking them! So happy with my placenta capsules!
— Summer L.

Your placenta can provide balancing, healing support ...

You deserve a little pampering as your family grows. With my full-service placenta encapsulation packages, you're ensuring just that! Add on to my birth doula services at a discounted rate for continuous, full-spectrum support, or book as a stand-alone service. Placenta encapsulation has the ability to reduce or eliminate postpartum depression, boost breastmilk supply, can help you feel emotionally and hormonally supported following your birth, increase energy, and more!

Want to learn more? Let's talk more about those dreamy newborn days and how placenta encapsulation can help you be on your way to a blissful postpartum experience.

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